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Usually there is a formal curriculum vitae at this point. It would say what I studied, what jobs I did and what responsibilities they involved. Additional education, language skills and how well I can handle a computer would be listed.

Subway construction site in Teipeh, Taiwan

There it says that I worked for 18 years in a large German construction company. From construction site management to controlling to head of a subsidiary, I have done almost everything there was to do in the commercial sector. That I even worked for one and a half years on a construction site in Taiwan as head of accounting and payment department.

It would also say there that I was managing director of a non-profit educational center for eight years. More on this below.

But I don’t think that describes me even remotely. It doesn’t show what really defines me. What kind of person am I? What qualities do I have? How I engage into what I do.

After a pretty exhausting job I decided a few years ago to take some month off. I know all about time out, I have already quit twice and traveled around the world. The first time to go diving in all possible and impossible places. The second time to get a deep insight into living in community. This third time I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my friends and family. I only wanted to take on work if it realy I felt it had a meaning.

That was wonderful. I had the time I needed to relax and the time I wanted to spend with my beloved ones. And I felt that the few jobs I accepted during this time were an important contribution to the success of the companies and gave me a lot of fulfillment. Because I only accepted what I really wanted to do, I was happy to get involved. At some point after half a year I realized how well I was doing and decided to keep it that way. If at all possible, I would like to get involved in the future only where I really find purpose in it.

My language has changed. I no longer say “I work this or that”. I say that I get involved here and there. And that is how I want to keep it. I want to get involved where I see a deeper meaning in it. Where I can do my part to “another world is possible”. Where my qualities are welcome and where I can make a significant contribution to the well-being of the organization, the company, the community.

My basis is business administration. Diplom Betriebswirt (BA) is the degree I once obtained many years ago. Essential things I have dealt with over the years are Spiral Dynamics (several advanced trainings, among others with Don Beck) and the Integral Model (Ken Wilber), the Economy of Common Good and Sociocracy. As well I am a founding member of the Sociocracy Center in Germany.

The effective decision making of Sociocracy, the decision by consent, has become an essential concern of mine. I have already introduced this in several companies and I often moderate teams and groups in this sense.

Through my girlfriend I learned what it means to really live non-violent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg. And so I am currently continuing my education in non-violent communication. Sören Bendler and Kristina Werth from echt jetzt! are valuable teachers for me.

ZEGG managing directors

For many years I lived and worked at a special place, ZEGG (Center for Experimental Culture and Social Design). An ecovillage, a living community and a non-profit educational center. In the course of 8 years, I contributed my business and entrepreneurial knowledge as managing director, helped to transform the limited company into a non-profit limited company, set up the fundraising and thus substantially secured the financial basis of the organization, rebuilt the accounting department and the team that works there and accompanied two major construction projects (implementation of a new energy concept and the conversion of the main building). All this not alone but with different teams of course. And in a setting where decisions are not made by the management but are worked out together. This has always been a challenge and I have gained a lot of knowledge in communication and effective decision making.

I also spent seven years as an honorary chairman of the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe. For me the annual GEN conference is still the most inspiring event of the year.

I am not interested in methods.
I am interested in inspiring people…

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